Complete building hygiene

Cleaning and maintenance, painting and moving services for the entire Czech Republic

Cleaning and maintenance services


Cleaning and manitenance is the company’s main specialization. The company was founded in 1998 as a trade and service company but over time its focus shifted into the field of complete building and personal hygiene. You will find a wide range of cleaning equipment and tools/aids, as well as cleaning chemicals and disinfectants in our showroom.

The Service Division was founded in 1999. With the slogan “complex building hygiene”, FM SERVIS TRUTNOV provides a wide range of different types of cleaning services– winter maintenance, painting, moving services, gardening services, outdoor cleaning – all over the Czech Republic.


We provide cleaning services from proposal to final installation of “personal hygiene” components. In addition, we also provide service for these systems, including the supply of consumable materials.

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