Complete building hygiene

Cleaning and maintenance, painting and moving services for the entire Czech Republic

Sales and consultation services


The sale of all cleaning products, fixtures and fittings, cleaning equipment and cleaning aids is based on our years of experience in complete building hygiene.


  • sale and installation of fixtures and fittings for social/sanitary rooms (bathrooms, cloakrooms, WC, cleaner’s rooms)
  • sale and installation of dispensers and reservoirs for hygienic materials, available in a wide range of designs 
  • sale and installation of hotel bathroom suites
  • sale of professional cleaning and maintenance products
  • everything for hygiene and sanitation of kitchens, industrial buildings, schools, hospitals, etc.
  • we will prepare cleaning and disinfection plans FREE OF CHARGE 
  • consultation services and solutions for problems relating to building hygiene and cleaning – both small and large areas – we can prepare cleaning and hygiene plans for you
  • resolution of special client requirements and problems – we provide treatment and cleaning of stainless steel, stone, marble, etc. – selection and testing of most suitable chemical products
  • complex care of all types of kitchens– we sell products for dishwashers including free loan of dispensers, products for cleaning grills, combi-steamers, stainless steel, etc.
  • sale of cleaning carts and tools
  • consultation services, delivery and servicing of washing machines, small and industrial vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaning machines, sweepers, etc. – authorized sale and service of ECOLAB cleaning machines and vacuum cleaners
  • aroma program – sale of air fresheners, including plans for deodorizing your interiors
  • sale and lease of mats and cleaning zones
  • sale and installation of 3M solar and security films 
  • sale of Kimberly-Clark professional towels for all types of industrial production, food industries, health care institutions, laboratories, etc., including free loan of stands and dispensers
  • sale of industrial towels and protective work aids
  • car products and preparations for washing, cleaning and waxing your car
  • sale of high-quality mulching bark and road salt in winter
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